As you vape more frequently, the effects of your herbs on your body and mind will gradually wane, requiring you to vape increasingly more herbs to achieve the same effects.

Having a tolerance indicates that the same effect will require more of the substance. It's painful to develop a tolerance to your herbs, but people who vape for health reasons may find it more difficult.

There is good news, though. According to a 2016 study, smokers and vapers start to lose their tolerance after just two whole days of abstention.

Why do we get tolerant of the things we love?

Your body responds to chemical exposure by reducing the availability or activity of the receptors that the substance interacts with. Because of this, you develop a tolerance to a wide range of drugs, including coffee, nicotine, and alcohol. You will need to drink more of the substance to experience the same effects because there are fewer receptors.

The herbs you vape contain more than 120 distinct cannabinoids, each of which has a unique impact on the body.

Some of these cannabinoids function by stimulating the brain's CB1 receptor. When you smoke, your CB1 receptors become more active, which alters how you feel. You'll often feel normal again once the cannabinoids have left your body because your CB1 receptors will start acting normally again.

Amazingly, the human body works tirelessly to maintain equilibrium ( or balance). The body reduces CB1 receptors in response to cannabinoids continuously overloading the central nervous system. Because of this, you develop tolerance!

Does pausing your vaping help?

To avoid developing a tolerance, taking a break from vaping can be quite beneficial. According to a study of daily smokers, CB1 receptors started to rise after just two days and reached normal levels after just two weeks. The benefit of a tolerance break is that when you resume vaping, it will feel just as good as the first time!

Unfortunately, if you vape for medical purposes, a tolerance break might not be possible. Fortunately, there are a few strategies to prevent tolerance from forming in the first place!

2 strategies to prevent tolerance-building


The simplest technique to prevent tolerance development may be through micro dosing. Vape little quantities frequently rather than the entire chamber all at once. Simply take a few hits at a time and stop as soon as the desired effect sets in.

Smoking CBD (or strains dominant in other cannabinoids)

The various components of our endocannabinoid system are affected differently by various cannabinoids. CBD, for instance, does not stimulate the CB1 system. If you vape to relieve pain or anxiety but don't want to develop a tolerance, mixing in CBD vaping sessions can be a terrific solution.