Vaporizers function by heating herbs to a temperature where the plant's terpenes and cannabinoids are released as clouds, which the user inhales.

Many smokers have switched to vaping because it reduces the chance of combustion, which can release carcinogens, tar, and other cancer-causing substances.

While the health benefits of vaping are obvious, we're frequently questioned if it's just as dangerous as smoking, so it was fascinating to come across this research in which physicians looked at this.

Word from Science

At the end of 2018, a team of John Hopkins Medical researchers conducted a series of studies to see if vaping elicited similar effects in consumers as smoking.

For the study, they recruited 17 volunteers who had not used cannabis in the previous 30 days and asked them to smoke or vape cannabis containing 0, 10, or 25 milligrams of THC once every seven days for six weeks.

They discovered that people who vaped cannabis had blood levels of THC that were twice as high as those who smoked cannabis.

Difference between Smoking Dry Herbs and Vaping them?

Despite the popularity of dry herb vaporizers, the concept of vaporizing dry marijuana might be difficult to grasp. It's also a very new concept, and we're all struggling to grasp this rapidly emerging technology.

To be clear, dry herb vaporizers and joints or rolled cigarettes are not the same things. Are you curious as to how? The following are the primary points of distinction:

  • Vaporizers for dry herbs create vapor, whereas joints burn and emit smoke. Because of this distinction, the debate between smoke and vapor is now raging.
  • The temperature of rolled dry herb cigarettes is smoking' hot. Temperature settings on dry herb vapes are usually limited, and they never get as hot as rolled cigarettes.
  • Dry herb vapes are usually electronic, whereas rolled cigarettes are not. This implies they must be charged and maintained, whereas joints can be smoked and left alone.
  • Rolling cigarettes burn paper, plant matter, and anything else in their path, but dry herb vapes evaporate only the dry herb's oils.
  • When the dry herb is vaporized, it tastes better than when it is smoked. This is because 1) dry herb vapes simply evaporate the wonderful treats, and 2) when using a rolled joint, most of the flavor burns off or is lost in the pipes/plant matter smoke.
  • Dry herb vapor is often 'cleaner,' meaning it has no additional ingredients, whereas joint smoke does. This changes the flavor as well as the potency in some circumstances.

Why is vaping more potent than smoking?

When you smoke cannabis, combustion destroys nearly half of your herbs before you even get a chance to inhale. Due to the varying temperatures, none of the plant content is harmed when using a vaporizer. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy more of the plant's terpenes and cannabinoids.

The findings of NORML research backed up this assertion. They discovered that smoking cannabis only allows for the intake of 25% of any available THC, however vaping allows for 45 percent, making vaporizers nearly twice as efficient.

So be careful with your dosage!

Both smokers and vapers were forced to complete activities that measured response time, memory, and attention span, with the goal of simulating everyday duties such as driving a car. In general, people who smoked or vaped THC had slower reaction times than those who didn't.

They asked the volunteers to complete the Divided Attention Task to determine their attention span. Participants must track a square on a computer screen while also keeping track of a series of changing numbers. Those who smoked THC performed 350% worse than the control group, while those who vaporized THC performed on average 500% worse!

Tory Spindle, Ph.D., came to the following conclusion as a result of the findings:

"When our subjects vaped versus smoked the same dose, they had significantly more impairment on the tasks, which in the real world translates to more functional impairment when driving or completing everyday duties."

When converting from smoking to vaping for the first time, it's worth experimenting with lesser amounts of the herb because vaping allows a higher percentage of cannabinoids to be absorbed into your circulation.

If you're using cannabis for medical reasons, you should definitely talk to your doctor first.