​Cannabis and its Effects on Intimacy

Some combinations are made in heaven. When thinking of famous pairs, it's difficult to imagine either one alone. You can't go wrong with a classic combination like gin and tonic, cookies and cream, or cannabis and sex. There is anecdotal evidence from recent surveys and studies to support the claim that smoking before a sex session improves your enjoyment of it. Cannabis and sexual activity turn out to be arousing. Cannabis' health benefits have been widely discussed, but its sexual benefits have been not. Let's "get down and dirty" and examine what makes THC and sex such a lethal combo in order to set the record right.

Cannabis and the Brain

It's no surprise that mood can affect sexual satisfaction. It's reasonable to expect that cannabis might increase libido due to THC's relaxing effects on the nervous system and stimulating impacts on the senses. In her book "Good Chemistry: The Science of Connection from Soul to Psychedelics," Julie Holland argues that,

"Cannabis can stimulate a person's sensitivity to bodily sensations, allowing them to feel more physically aroused and sexually stimulated."

To put it another way, the relaxing effects of cannabis on the mind can help reduce the nervousness and distractions that some individuals have during sexual encounters, allowing them to concentrate on having a more pleasurable one. So, does Cannabis increase libido? Well, it can reduce symptoms that stifle desire, clearing the way for greater fun, adventure, and inspiration. Joint papers, cannabis, and orgasms may turn out to be a surprisingly beneficial practice worth capitalizing on.

Does Cannabis Use Boost Sexual Desire?

Recent surveys and studies have been implemented to find the truth about Cannabis and sex, but the scientific backing behind sex on Cannabis is restricted due to low financing and study. 216 respondents with first-hand knowledge of having intercourse while under the influence of Cannabis were polled for a recent study published in the National Library of Medicine. These studies found that "Of 202 participants, 119 (58.9%) said cannabis increased their desire for sex, 149 of 202 (73.8%) reported increased sexual satisfaction, and 132 of 201 (65.7%) reported an increase in the intensity of orgasms."

More research is needed to fully capitalize on the assumption that characteristics like strong orgasms and enhanced sexual pleasure led to the patients' desiring and desire for more sex. The answer to the intriguing subject of whether or not Cannabis improves sexual performance was revealed by earlier research. This study's anecdotal foundation suggests that exchanging sex for cannabis has numerous positive outcomes. These results may have been distorted by differences in sex, dose, and administration route. However, when it comes to cannabis and intimacy, your preferences may not always be your partner's.

Does Cannabis Increase Your Longevity on Bed?

As cannabis has been shown to reduce insomnia, pain, and anxiety, using it may improve your general sex life and the quality of your sexual encounters. Like how it can lengthen the experience of sexual pleasure, THC can also distort one's sense of time. Being more present in the "here and now" is possible when time loses part of its significance. Although there exists some evidence linking cannabis consumption to increased sexual frequency, sex drive, and intensity of orgasm, the findings are not conclusive.

Cannabis has been shown to increase sensitivity to touch, sensations, and orgasms, and to help patients relax, all of which contribute to a more satisfying sexual encounter. There are numerous good impacts between sex and Cannabis that can't be ignored, despite several aspects that may contribute to the skewed outcomes of a recent study, such as dosage, gender, and ways of intake. The anecdotal evidence for cannabis's positive influence on sexual pleasure is overwhelming; to find out for yourself, all you need to do is grab your cutest bong, take a draw and experiment.