​How to Travel Safe with your Beloved Vaporizer

Posted by Optimal Vapors on Apr 17th 2022

A vaporizer may seem like an unusual travel companion but with some careful consideration, it can come to your rescue. Vaporizers are devices that use heat to convert liquid into a vapor which ca … read more

What are Dry Herb and Wax Replacement Coils?

Posted by Optimal Vapors on Mar 31st 2022

Dry herb and wax replacement coils are used in vaporizers. These coils provide a clean taste and produce less smoke.The dry herb coil is made of ceramic or silica material and is used with dry herbs t … read more

What do you Need to Know Before Diving into Vaping?

Posted by Optimal Vapors on Mar 21st 2022

Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, but it can be hard to get started. This guide provides advice for beginners on how to vape and start vaping safely.While this article coul … read more

When is it Time to Replace Your Vaporizer?

Posted by Optimal Vapors on Mar 11th 2022

Adult consumers are flocking to vaporizing products with a class of their own. These individualized products offer an airhead-like experience but do not produce the same harmful byproducts as tob … read more