Methods for Choosing the Ideal Nicotine Level for Vaping

Aug 25th 2022

Similar to how smoking delivers nicotine to the body, vaping e-juice accomplishes the same. through breathing. The similarities stop there, though.

Nicotine Content of a Cig In contrast to Vaping

The average cigarette contains 4 to 14 milligrams.

Depending on how deeply the person inhales and how much of the cigarette is actually smoked, the amount that is absorbed into the body will vary. Because most smokers pause between puffs, some of the cigarettes is burned without being inhaled, meaning that not all of the nicotine enters the body.

The same is true of vaping. Regardless of the intensity of the vaping liquid, the amount of nicotine that enters the body relies on how often, how deeply, and with what kind of equipment the vaper inhales?

By vaping, this substance is absorbed 20–50% more. In contrast to an average smoker, who receives between 4 mg and 40 mg of nicotine for just 10 cigarettes, a vaper will provide to the body in the range of 3.6 to 9 mg.

To fairly answer that question, too many variables must be taken into consideration. Finding the sweet spot will need some testing with various vape juice strengths.

Vapers should be cautious with this while considering what constitutes a nicotine high. Knowing exactly how much nicotine their e-juice contains and whether 5% of nicotine is a lot gives vapers a significant advantage over smokers.

The Potency of Nicotine in Vape Juice

Vape juice doesn't come in specific strength. What nicotine content is there in vape juice? Is 5% nicotine too much?

The amount is given in milligrams per milliliter so that you can comprehend the vape levels. The lowest concentration of e-liquid, or zero mg, goes all the way up to 36 mg.

Naturally, zero nicotine will be marked as 0%.

The amount of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid is the nicotine strength, which is indicated on the bottle.

  • This indicates that a 10 ml bottle of 18 mg/ml nicotine will contain 180 mg of nicotine (18 mg x 10 ml).
  • Similar to that, a 30ml bottle of 18mg/ml e-liquid contains 540 mg of nicotine (18mg x 30ml).

The next step is to calculate how many milliliters of liquid you consume in a given time frame, such as a day. A vaper consumes on average 1 ml of nicotine each day, which is 18 mg, however, keep in mind that not all of the nicotine is absorbed by the body.

Which Nicotine Level Is Best for Vaping?

As a general rule, drip system tank mods won't deliver as much nicotine as high-concentrated e-cigarettes.

Typically, the nicotine content and smoking sensation of e-cigs or cig-alike can satisfy smokers. E-cigs typically have the high strengths that heavy smokers require.

Less nicotine is typically present when vaping with sub-Ohm resistance. Although the quantities are reduced, it is still possible to inhale something that is akin to smoking. Sub-Ohm vaping generates more vapor, allowing for the inhalation of more nicotine.

To provide a smoker with the same level of satisfaction as smoking, sub-Ohm vape mods often contain 3 to 6 mg. High-strength juices are not advised because they could be excessively harsh and impart too much active ingredient, even for heavy smokers.

But nicotine is a substance and a very harmful one at that. Although vapers are unlikely to have nicotine poisoning, they can still make a person unwell if the dose is more than they are accustomed to.

How Can I Lower My Vape's Nicotine Level?

Trial and error is the best technique to determine the ideal vaping level before gradually reducing intake with the intention of weaning off.

It is simple to modify the nicotine dosage in e-juice because it is so straightforward. An e-cigarette that gives the proper strength and mimics smoking would likely be the best choice for a heavy smokers when they first start out. It is best to experiment by beginning with a stronger strength and feeling how it feels.

One thing to avoid is cutting the strength too quickly or giving up if, for example, the mod being used does not give off the correct vibe or amount of nicotine buzz.

A vaper who switches to lower-strength nicotine juices too quickly risked feeling unfulfilled and returning to smoking. There is no one method for vaping with nicotine that works for everyone, as with most things in life. Some people might never entirely stop vaping, while others might only love the act of vaping without any juices. Smokers and vapers can both obtain advice on kicking their nicotine addictions.

It does state that in order to completely wean off of nicotine, the FDA advises adopting nicotine replacement therapy, sometimes known as vaping. The objective should be to totally wean off of nicotine because using a vaporizer to stop smoking still involves being under the influence of nicotine.

Finding the ideal nicotine level for vaping may occasionally be both exhilarating and frustrating. Being knowledgeable, keeping an open mind, and asking plenty of questions are the keys. If you do this, you might benefit from years of smoke-free enjoyment.

Summary of This Guide on Nicotine Levels

Think about your smoking habits while selecting a drink. Many new vapers choose the best option, 1.5–3 mg/ml.

It is crucial to take vaping frequency into account. Therefore, if you only smoke a few puffs, you should choose liquids with medium to high nicotine contents. If you have an electronic cigarette with you at all times, pick a liquid with a low nicotine level.